V G Siddhartha Coffee King of Karnataka‚Chairman of ABCTCL

NameV. G. Siddhartha Hegde


EducationMsc( Economics)

Head quartersBangalore

IndustryAgriculture, Syndication, Retail


Several facts

Coffee Marketplace in India

» Non Traditional coffee Industry

» Grows four % of world caffeine

» Consumes 30% of coffee produced

» Coffee culture unfamiliar until late 1990

» V G Siddhartha's relatives has been in the coffee organization for more than 140 years

» The group owns 7‚000 + acres and deals with another 3 thousands acres

» ABCTCL would be the largest suppliers of Arabica coffee in Asia

» Cafe Coffee Day features 760 restaurants in 121 cities in India

Current responsibilities:

Strategise worth creation to get shareholders and propel regarding return on investment, maintain investor associations and is a core part of GTV's Buyer Committee

Board Chairs:

GTV, Mindtree; Liqwid Krystal; Way2Wealth; Ittiam

Success rule: Have the self-discipline to persevere and simply do not give up.

Subject of love: Infosys and its particular team's success which accomplished its goal of $1 billion sales.

Biggest obstacle: Spiralling real estate prices which have caused it to be difficult to acquire retail locations.


The Economical Times – Brand Value survey 08

India's many trusted brands – ranked No . 2 in the ‘Food Services‘+ segment

CCD rated as Number 31 inside the top 55 service brands

" Best Coffee Bar" award via Times Foodstuff Guide 2007 – Fresh Delhi

" Best Caffeine Shop" honor Times Foodstuff Guide 3 years ago – Mumbai

Awaaz Client Awards 06\ – Ideal Coffee Shop Brand

V G Siddhartha was voted as the " Entrepreneur from the Year" by simply Economic Moments in the year 2003 – for crafting a successful pan Of india brand coming from a product business and giving American indian consumers a brand new life style experience that is inside the reach of the common person.

The Beginning

" When I was a young man up to date of college in Mangalore‚I decided that I desired to get into business and produce a lot of money: albeit‚in a very reputable manner. "

There were three options that he regarded seriously during those times: exports of some kind‚trading in stocks and shares‚and trading in metals. Metals‚he discarded‚as ‘not a very fairly option‘.

Despite the fact that his family run some coffee plantations in Chikmagalur in Karnataka‚Siddhartha began in life as a research analyst at JM Financial‚a financial services group‚back in 1983‚after graduation in economics from the state's Mangalore School. At that time‚all he dreamed of was earning Rs 2 . five lakh 12 months.

His 1st Job

After a two – year period with J M Monetary Services‚when Siddhartha returned to Bangalore‚his daddy gave him a good amount of cash to start any kind of business of his choice. Siddhartha rapidly bought a currency markets card pertaining to Rs 30‚000 with it‚along with a organization called Sivan and Company‚as well being a site in the city. Whilst researching stocks‚he discovered that American indian farmers used to get 35 mere cents for 1 kg of coffee‚ while their overseas counterparts were getting $1. 27. " I was a very smart trader‚" says Siddhartha with an endearing kind of self pride. " We made funds almost every time on the stock market. And with whatever funds I made‚ I kept buying espresso plantations in Chikmagalur. My loved ones background was such that I had formed a way of thinking that the fresh economy is probably not the greatest‚and that solid‚tangible‚physical assets like land had been the best to possess. "

Simply by 1985‚he was a full – time exclusive investor inside the stock market and owner of 10‚000 acre of espresso farms.

If the stock market damaged in the early on 1990's‚Siddhartha started to look around for a new expenditure avenue that could spin him good returns. He chosen to invest in technology.

First Firm

Thus started out Sivan Securities‚which is now a significant player inside the South American indian capital market‚which is now presented among the top doze investment brokerages in the country. Excellent network of 35...


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