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3. three or more. Give example from personal practice of supporting children or the younger generation to assess and manage hazards.

Kids should be adviced to be even more aware of their surroundings and when they make their own risk tests to think about the possible effects of their activities. The children and the young people are often good at deciding what is secure for them, carry out they think confidant for taking part of the activity or they are really not sure about it. Some Schools and Nurseries are using significant play equipment, this give the children capability to learn how to determine and manage risk about what they are performing. It is important as practitioners to provide plenty of encouragement and ongoing support whilst all children and young people are taking part in the activity. But we always have to take into account the risk evaluation, and consider measures which in turn we can put in place to reduce risk. In particular, merely think something is particularly risky, and I was feeling concerned that someone will get hurt, I would perform changes to produce it less dangerous. For example

In my use Preschool every day I i am doing skill activities. Most most in all the time the kids have assess and they are employing scissors. On the table I have six or 8-10 children some of them are really assured in trimming, some want support. Nevertheless , I always describe why we must be careful with scissors and what could be the consequences by putting hands between the blades or so why we do not run with well-defined objects in their classroom. Letting the youngsters cut independently lets these people have self-reliance and helps these to develop their very own fine electric motor skills. Most suitable option learn to use the scissors better and hand eye co-ordination. Other case

Each of our Nursery had summer fair with bouncy castle intended for the children. Mainly because is not activity of our daily routines and it is a popular activity all kids wanted to take part. However , if the child comes off the bouncy castle, they could get hurt...


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