CHAPTER I actually



We are at this point living in pc generation. The world is now very dependent on application systems that are an excellent guide of information. With this, the researchers would like to pursue the study of updating the loan system of Tulay sa Pag- unlad Incorporated (TSPI).

Updated Mortgage System to get Tulay sa Pag-unlad Incorporated (TSPI) provides information with regards to to their customer's record, keeping files, data safe and help to keep their previous and current loans. Having this product in TSPI will be a wonderful help to the company to find documents and documents easier, considering that the data will be in the computer system. This recommended system will be an effective way of delivering info regarding with their customers record. It will preserve more time and effort for equally employees and customers.

Historic Background

TSPI is a non-stock, non-profit, Christian-oriented organization, which supplies the poor with opportunities to business lead self-sufficient, accountable and dignified lives. It includes a broad variety of services, in the area of microfinance and capability building support, built to promote the holistic progress micro and small business people.

Generally there vision is usually to see people live with dignity, sufficiency and responsibility, demonstrating this through love and service within their community. And there mission is to present individuals and communities the opportunities to knowledge fullness of life through small and mini enterprise advancement.


Theoretical Framework

This research study can focus on making a more efficient computer system based program. The planning stage of this recommended includes your decision of the problems and the view of the designed project and demonstrates the goal. The researchers have fact locating techniques, including interviews, observation surveys and sampling. The analysis phase includes project goals in reality. The style phase makes a blue print out for the more pc based program.

Conceptual Platform

The conceptual framework with this study will focus on the enhancement with the existing system. This system consists of three levels input, process and end result. Objectives of the Study

This kind of proposed system entitled " Updated Mortgage System intended for Tulay sa Pag-unlad Incorporated” generally aims to assist the employees of the company through convenient use of data. Specifically, it aims to: 2. To provide quick access through the use of computer system

* Help employees lessen their work

* Control over redundancy

2. Keep files and documents safe

5. Avoid loss of files

* Keep track of buyer records


This examine entitled " Updated Loan System pertaining to Tulay sa Pag-Unlad Incorporated” has the next hypothesis: 2. The recommended system will assist the company by easy access info regarding to their customers record. * The proposed product is great assist in keeping14965 their records safe. * Help staff minimize their particular work.


The study is definitely conducted to assist the Tulay sa Pag-Unlad Incorporated (TSPI) in setting up a more efficient computer based system. It helps to stop loss of data, keep track of consumer records and also to control over redundancy. This research will give attention to the system how it works and it paths the records of the customers.


The researchers assume that this proposed system permitted, " Updated Loan Program for Tulay sa Pag-Unlad Incorporated” (TSPI) serves the eye of the next: * Employees. The study can help the employee monitor the record of their consumers, their past and existing loans and their monthly interest. * Buyers. The study will assist the customers in such a way that they will be aware about their current and previous financial loans. * Long term Researchers. This could serve as guide for their foreseeable future studies and research.



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