п»ї1. The spanish language Heritage

Spain ruled the Philippines for three centuries (1565-1898)

Spain's ethnic legacywas even more beneficial and comprehensive than her politics and economic endowments. 2 . Christianity

Spain's greatest heritage

The Both roman Catholic religious beliefs

- originated in Asia, being founded by simply Jesus Christ in Palestine; spread to European Europe after Christ's crucifixion, in the sixteenth and 17th centuries, propagated across the Atlantic to the " new world " and over the Pacific to the Philippines, making her then this greatest electrical power. --- one of the most outstanding success of The spanish language missionaries who also came with the Spanish conquistadores. 3. Diet and DRESSDiet

Spain introduced new foodstuff plants (wheat, corn, patatas, cacao, espresso, cabbages, chicos, papayas, guavas). The Filipinos learned to:

Eat Loaf of bread, ham, longanizas, beef(cattle's meat), mutton(sheep's meat) and Western canned goodsВ drink caffeine, cacao & foreign wines

Use consuming glasses, table knives & napkins while eating


For a man:

Western coat [called americana for it was launched from America (Mexico)], & trousers replaced jacket & bahag Began to wear hats instead of putong

Used house slippers and shoes and boots for footwear


-replaced the pareo & used the ya (skirt) since lower apparel; used the camisawith long & extensive sleeves rather than the old short-sleeved jacket a few. Wore jewelry (gold earrings, rings, necklaces, necklaces, bracelets) but not armlets and leglets Used slippers, stockings, frizzy hair combs, mantillas & panuelos like The spanish language women By the middle of 17th century, the dress of Filipinos came into existence " nearly Spanish”, according to Father Colin. six. FAMILY EXISTENCE

Simple & wholesome because of Christianity's affect

The father was your master of the family however he consults his wife regarding information The mother was the first TUTOR with the children (taught them the alphabet & Christian prayers), and the custodian of the relatives fund & keys Father and mother & kids prayed the Angelus & rosary every evening, prayed prior to each meal, and traveled to Church just about every Sunday, area fiestas & religious holiday seasons 7. Damaged homes were rare

Children kiss their parents' hands after night time prayers, after leaving their home & upon returning residence 8. Filipino WOMEN

Situation of Filipino WOMEN were elevatedВ

Highly regarded by males

If unmarried, they were chaperoned in participating social gatherings Had ZERO freedom to study in universities, engage in professions (law, treatments, engineering, etc . ) and mix readily with males Permitted to engage in business

Entered exclusive schools for girls managed by nuns were we were holding trained for the " JUST HOW To's” of being a good better half or mom 9. People who had simply no intention of marrying joined the nunnery in service of GOD Karen Clara of Rizal's books represented the Filipino womanhood of the The spanish language era – with attributes of appeal, modesty and religious loyalty 10. Launch of the GREGORIAN CALENDAR

Until 1845, the Phil. Appointments was 1 day behind those of European time Gov. Gen. NarcisoClaveriacorrected the Philippine Work schedule.

Aug. 18, 1844 -- He issued an purchase proclaiming Tuesday, Dec. 31, 1844, to become Wednesday, By. 1, 1844, advancing the calendar simply by one day in order that it would be in accord with world normal time. 14. Spanish surnames for filipinos

First brands of Filipinos were in the saints

ex lover. Juan via San Juan

Gov. Style. NarcisoClaveriaissued an order on Nov. 21, 1849 which will gave The spanish language surnames towards the Filipino family members. He delivered lists of Spanish family members names to the authorities of provinces & towns (ex. Gomez, Reyes, Santos). Many Filipino people became dedicated to their Malayan descendants' surnames (ex. Batungbakal, Magbanua, Sumulong, Tonogbanua, Kalaw, Makapagal) 12. LATIN ABECE & SPANISH LANGUAGE

Filipinos easily adopted Latin buchstabenfolge & The spanish language language Enriched our countrywide language known as PILIPINO– you will find 5, 1000 Spanish loan-words in our nationwide language Filipinos became the sole Spanish-speaking nation in Asia.  13. Preservation of...


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