James Dussault

Composition I actually 1010

Andrew Egan

Febuary 3, 2010

Shawshank Redemption is an incredible video about endurance, friendship, commitment, and expect. It takes place inside the Shawshank Prison in which two men, Red Redding and Andy Defresne, will be struggling through life content. These men encounter hardship in ways only say determination will survive and in addition they did. Film production company influences all of us by showing how having hope and not letting it move has amazing results.

I chose this film because it shows us it does not matter how hard times can get, we can get through it. Perseverance and staying positive, even though things are unfavorable,... if we keep working at it and stay positive even though things are negative, we could possibly get through. Every single theme that this story forms on pertains to almost your life, which is what I think causes it to be such a good feeling motion picture. Red and Andy make the best out of a predicament that most might wither from and actually do, in the motion picture. One of the most loveable characters in the film, Creeks the prison librarian, actually hangs him self when he is on his parole because he has lost almost all hope coming from being institutionalized. Brooks didn't hang himself from burning off all expect after being institutionalized, he just did not know wish to cope inside the free world after staying locked up for so long. Having been lonely and missed his friends; it absolutely was a world this individual knew absolutely nothing about. When he first was locked in 1905 and was not introduced until 1955…

The ideas of patience and friendship happen to be strong throughout the whole video. Andy masterminds an elaborate tunnel he digs throughout twenty years to dig him self to independence. Your second phrase is great although Andy's break free happened at the end of the movie and as it truly is, does not really relate to the opening sentence. If you pointed out him and Red getting re-united in Mexico or perhaps how enthusiastic Red was going to be able to go out with his friend again, it would. Exist other instances of patience and...


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