Personality Traits Test - Test Report





Well-being/Discomfort (score 41)

Your score signifies that you possess Well-being characteristic and the Distress trait in nearly similar balance. Well-being entails Rest, Happiness and Confidence, while Discomfort consists of Tension, Despair and Low self-esteem. Those who credit score high on Wellbeing take exist easily and have absolutely a positive frame of mind towards daily events. When their efforts are unsuccessful, they keep up an excellent morale and stay upbeat. Their convictions are unshakeable and their dedication very strong. When confronted with adversity, they remain serene, enthusiastic and secure. Those who score high on Discomfort are usually stressed and emotionally vulnerable. They are stressed about the next day and easily disappointed in their targets. Their sadness may take disproportionate dimensions so they pleasant any consolation and support which may relieve their very own sadness. They are basically pessimistic and are not sure as to what their very own future will be. They deeply lack assurance in life and in themselves. Under you will see the definition of each element of these qualities along with your ratings.

Relaxation/Tension (score 47)

Tendency to be peaceful, quiet, peaceful, and placid on several occasions, and anxious, burdened, edgy, and nervous in other occasions. Happiness/Sadness (score 37)

Trend to be excited, joyful, delighted, and optimistic rather than depressed, gloomy, disappointed, and discontented. Assurance/Uncertainty (score 39)

Trend to be identified, assured, great, and persuaded rather than not sure, indecisive, skeptical, and unsure.

Roughness/Mildness (score 48)

The score indicates that you have got characteristics of both Roughness and Mildness. Roughness comprises Contestation, Strength and Aggressiveness whereas Mildness involves Resignation, Smoothness and Harmony. People who score high on Roughness happen to be basically noncompliant with applicable rules and established specialists. In cases of conflict, they fight rather than send themselves. Inside their attitudes and words, they are usually rude and uncouth, unaware of people's awareness and reactions. They find it hard to be polite and civilized. To them, very good manners belong to a social code of conduct with which they shateringly comply. All their anger can be quick to trigger and may result in violent language and behavior. People with this trait can be hard to live with. People who score at the top of Mildness happen to be conciliatory people who have whom you can actually negotiate. They could agree with extremely demanding conditions rather than excitedly defend all their interests or perhaps point of view. Within a meeting, they are going to rarely increase objections. Their very own tactful behavior makes them version employees and citizens. They might contribute more than their discuss to maintain the harmony of a couple or a family. If the atmosphere is definitely tense, their calmness and patience provides peace back again. Their amazing advantages is glowing. Below you will notice the definition of each and every aspect of these kinds of traits along with your scores.

Contestation/Resignation (score 50)

Tendency to get refractory, bad, rebellious, and opposed about some occasions, and cooperative, understanding, conciliatory, and helpful on other occasions. Toughness/Smoothness (score 39)

Tendency being brutal, irritating, rugged, and uncouth instead of gentle, polite, delicate, and tactful. Aggressiveness/Harmony (score 54)

Tendency to become angry, mad, vengeful, and violent on some occasions, and peaceful, lenient, unshakeable, and patient on different occasions.

Sensitivity/Insensitivity (score 48)

Your report indicates that you possess qualities of the two Sensitivity and Insensitivity. Sensitivity entails Kindness, Affection, and Emotionality although Insensitivity consists of Selfishness, Frigidness, and Rationality. Those who rating high on Sensitivity are charitable people pertaining to whom the welfare of others is very important. That they willingly spend themselves in front of large audiences,...


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