1 . 1 . company overview

Sanjeewaka can be an appearing ayuruvedic overall health & beauty company in Sri Lanka. It truly is located for veyangoda… L. J Ranjith premarathne is definitely the chairman with this company. You will discover four directors in this firm & this is certainly a family business. This company can be found in 152 c. hand grove state, paththalagedara, veyangoda. Contact information will be as follows, fax number can be +94 332287073, and email address is [email protected] lk. The corporation was established in 1993. At the start this was started out as ayuruwedic treatment middle, after few years R. T Ranjith premarathne the chairman did several experiments regarding, new ayuruvedic products and some are " chandanalepa” cream, soft face wash, herbal face wash. These products are very famous aesthetic solutions for virtually any beauty traditions problem in Sri Lanka. Most of these products are exported to the overseas market since these products are very popular with international people. With this company there are many divisions just like production device, H. R. M product, Distribution device, Research and Development unit. In this organization research and development unit does daily experiments. Via these trials they are looking to invent new releases. The perspective of this business is to be the pioneer in the market because they are the doctor of each and every human being. There exists a small explanation about the Sanjeewaka products.

1 . 2 . Product information

They generate herbal cosmetics which enhances the beauty. His or her beauty products that they produce Chandanalepa herbal clean, Chandanalepa smooth face wash, Chandanalepa skin toner, and Chandanalepa cream. except these kinds of beauty products they produce very active ayuruvedic oil called as ‘giniraja” It is specialised for windy pain, pains, sprains and bruise, stiffness swelling, back hurt, numbness in hand or lower limbs, lumbago, mugenlar pain, crumps, headache, chilly strong coughing, hose blackness. This is only intended for external only use. They use only 100% organic herbal unprocessed trash to produce these products.

1 . a few. Specific item description

We all chose chandanalepa cream while our certain product mainly because chandanalepa smooth and soothing Ayurvedic skin cream It is a therapeutic cream having a mixture of Shoe wood, Venivelgeta, Suwanda Kottam, Kokum, Turmeric, and many other Ayurvedic treatments. Chandanalepa a product prepared from your spirits of very rare Ayurveda medicine can be described as proven cure for mycoses, pimples, places, discoloring and blackening of skin. Chandanalepa protects epidermis structure against dryness due to exposure to the direct sunlight, dryness and darkening of the skin due to strain. That keeps fabulous appearance by making skin more healthy and providing a golden shade to epidermis. Chandanalepa may be applied following cleansing pores and skin at any time of the day since it has no unwanted side effects. Chandanalepa provides beautiful appearance with much healthier golden skin area by applying this on the face twice or 3 times a day for a few weeks. Chandanalepa keeps new all day and it has incredibly pleasant smell. Chandanalepa can be used for beauty-care purposes such as facial massage therapy. Chandanalepa is an Ayurveda medicinal cream protecting gorgeous appearance and giving a soothing sensation. Chandanalepa removes losing sensation after a shave. For a man, it can be used to get facial massage after a shave to obtain a handsome look. Chandanalepa suits any climatic symptom in any portion of the world. This can be a highly effective indigenous medicinal facial cream which can be used by anybody all over the world.

2 . Methodology

2 . 1 ) The Method of information collection and process

Data was collected by the in-depth interviews, a qualitative research is done by the research team the qualitative exploration in the sense associated with an unstructured, educational research methodology based on tiny samples want to provide perception and comprehending the problem environment. By doing in depth interview they were permitted understand deep facts which can be beyond the...

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