How features Technology Damaged Senior Citizens in China?


Over the last 3 decades, China's technology has developed speedily, making existence more and more convenient to many of it is citizens. Cell phones have helped to connect persons all over Cina and personal computers have helped people to organize their work and share data easily. Due to the length of time that they have spent on this Earth, seniors in Cina will have experienced two completely different worlds, seeing first hand how technology offers advanced during their life-time. How possess senior citizens been affected by this rapid improvement in technology? The following composition will set out to answer this question.

Someone’s circumstances change in many different methods as they turn into older and senior citizen's needs will therefore always be very different to middle aged and even young members of society. Many obviously, an elderly individual's body will begin to become weakened, and their eyes ears, joints and muscles will not function as effectively as they did just before. Technology continues to be able to help the elderly in many of these elements, providing spectacles, hearing aids, walking aids and wheelchairs, correspondingly. In addition to this, medications are becoming a lot more advanced and they are allowing seniors to live longer than before. This season the World Health Organization (WHO) released statistics showing that the average life span in 60 was 36, compared with seventy four. 5 completely.

Not only does a person's physical scenario change because they age, but also their particular social condition. In their midsection age, most people will get married and still have at least one kid to devote their time to. Where children used to continue caring for their very own parents within their own home just before, the impact of the West means that many children at this point prefer never to live with their very own parents following marrying. This kind of, combined with the fatality of a spouse, can make a mature citizen's lifestyle very lonesome. Although far from compensating, technology has helped senior citizens connect with their loved ones with the telephone, plus more recently, skype. While not talking to their relatives, television and radio also provide sources of entertainment to help keep their mind occupied and stop feelings of loneliness

However , where technology provides with one hand, it requires away together with the other. Although the telephone can help to keep people connected, the standard of this interconnection is certainly much less rich as a personal go to. The reality is that far from enriching a older citizen's connection with family, the product does only substitute a good old-fashioned regular family gathering with a regular phone call. In the same way, Cybercollege. com states the fact that average house has the TELEVISION on more than 51 several hours per week, which can be even more outstanding when getting time for job, school and sleep. Stats such as these display how technology has displaced a massive component to our sociable life. After that it becomes evident that the period that kids and grandchildren could have spent visiting parents and grandma and grandpa, are more than likely put in in front of the TV instead.

It ought to be appreciated that in spite of all the technology that surrounds us today, senior citizens only make use of a small proportion of it. Possibly they are also complicated to get the elderly to master, or the seniors simply decide on more traditional strategies to deal with their day to day business. At best, this kind of simply the actual technology redundant from a senior citizen's point of view, because were able to handle perfectly well without it in past times. However , where technology offers given us more options in most cases, there are a few instances where more recent technology offers actually displaced previous technology. Take for example the music industry. During the last fifty years, music press has gone by records, to tapes, to compact discs for the MP3 players and IPods that we work with today. Few senior citizens have computer...



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