Student Name: Tho Huu Nguyen

Class: Structure 4

Dissertation Name: Sentence structure essay

Teacher: Ashley R. Lynd

Date: 2/12/14

Structure of Sentence

What is the most basic element of a word in British? Someone informed me is language, but somebody else also told me is grammar. However , professional writers revealed me a different part. That they don't emphasis so much the vocabulary or grammar, they will focus the kinds of the sentence in your essay, which making their publishing correctly, interesting, and dynamic. Therefore , finding out how to use them is not only may be write a correct sentence, nevertheless also can be a good writer. In fact , the numbers of types of word are not more than vocabulary or perhaps grammar; there are four types of sentence in your essay: The Simple phrase, the compound sentence, the complex and the compound-complex word. The 1st type is easy sentence. The simple sentence is actually a sentence includes an independent clause; it does not combine either a centered clause yet another simple word. The formula of it isn't difficult; it is " SV” or perhaps " SVV”, " SSSVVV”, " SSVV”. For example , " I go to school”. Through this sentence, having one subject matter is " I” and one verb is " go”. The sentence followed the formula " SV” and doesn't have either a based mostly clause yet another simple sentence in your essay. Otherwise, the simple sentence can be become more difficult and various. For this model, " My sister, my buddy and I speak and compose English everyday”. In this word, there is 3 subjects will be " My personal sister”, " My friend” and” I”; two verbs are " speak” and " write”. Even though the word combines many subjects and several verbs, this still has to follow along with the formula " SSSVVV”. In addition , the sentence does not have independent clause, also does not have either a dependent clause yet another simple word. To summarize, the simple sentence may contain one particular subject and one verb or many subjects and verbs, nevertheless the sentence doesn't have to combine based mostly clause or another simple word. The second type is...


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