п»їName __________________________________________ Per. ___ Date ________ Exercise #6

Classify each one of the following content as simple (s), compound (cd), complex (cx) and compound-complex (cd-cx). Be sure you can determine all subordinate and self-employed clauses.

Example: 1 ) The Iroquois are American Indian people originally from New York Express.

The Iroquois are American Indian individuals originally coming from New York Express. Simple 1 ) Members with the Iroquois – which include the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Tuscarora and Seneca – have an ancient history of storytelling. 2 . In the early days, specialist storytellers gone from home to house, plus they were taken care of their storytelling with tiny gifts. 3. Most of the system known today regarding the Iroquois folk stories comes from the Senecas', in whose stories have already been written down by historians. 4. Many of the most popular stories are about a creature who is hairless aside from on tape of coat down his back. your five. He is and so huge that his backside can be seen above the trees.

six. He consumes people; as they cannot be murdered in an common way, he can especially frightening. 7. The tales relating to this creature are even more distressing than are the ones regarding Stone Coat, who has skin area like rock. 8. Luckily, Stone Cover is not too smart, and many folk tales tell of ways in which the Iroquois outsmart him. 9. In addition there are tales about the Whirlwinds, who usually appear while bodiless heads with fantastic eyes; in some stories, the Whirlwinds eat sticks and rocks if they cannot catch people. 10. Other Iroquois stories tell about adventures of Antelope, Partridge, Skunk and Rattlesnake. Exercise #7

Classify each of the following phrases as simple (s), compound (cd), complex (cx) and compound-complex (cd-cx). Example: In the world today, there may be only one happen to be museum intended for children's skill, and it is situated in Norway. Substance 1 . This museum may be the International Museum of Little one's Art, which occupies a big, old house in Oslo. 2 ....


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