In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the images of light and dark are probably the most constant aesthetic motifs through the play. Characters, such as Benvolio, Juliet, and Romeo, who have exhibit goodness, innocence, and love in many cases are seen possibly giving off lumination, discussing mild, or are inside the presence of light. Characters whom exhibit physical violence, evil, and death are usually associated with darkness. Light can be presented being a conqueror of darkness and also emblematic of purity and hope. The main characters, Romeo and Juliet, who your light think that this lumination will never fade. It is very clear, however , that by the end in the play night has used any staying light for these tragic addicts, Romeo and Juliet. In this essay, Let me show just how light can be presented at some of the highest points inside the play, and how darkness is definitely shown at some of the least expensive parts. Romeo and Rosaline

The very first mention of Romeo in the play is nearly instantly followed by associations with light and with darkness. After Montague's wife demands Benvolio whether or not he provides seen Romeo, he responds with, " …an hour before the worshiped sun as well as Peered out the glowing window from the east, …so early going for walks did I see your son” (I. 1 ) 117-22). After this Montague complains that Romeo has been keeping away from light and it is very stressed out. Montague, when explaining to Benvolio what Romeo has been up to, says:

In a cabinet steals house my heavy son

And private in his chamber pens himself,

Shuts up his glass windows, locks good daylight away,

And makes him self an artificial night (I. 1 . 136-39).

These two photos of darker and light are contrasting. The light is seen as a healthy and positive thing, while the night is seen as representing and deepening Romeo's depression. This symbolism of darkness is associated with Romeo's despression symptoms, which is caused by Rosaline. Rosaline does not reciprocate Romeo's love. Rosaline is additionally associated with darkness. Not since she is frustrated, like Romeo, but because...


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