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History of American Civilization

Instructor: Eileen Hill, M. A.


Essay Two, Question One (General)

Through the High Ancient Europe involved in a process of expansion, ethnic centralization and colonization. The Frankish cultures spread through the base of France, Upper Italy, and Western Australia and methodically conquered and colonized locations in East Europe, the Mediterranean and Celtic location through the propagate of Bishoprics, emigration with the aristocratic category and the innovation in productive military technology. First, the bishoprics with the Latin Christian church distributed in all way from their most powerful concentration, mainly the Carolingian empire, during Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe plus the Mediterranean. The system that was at place was solid, that they hold an obligated position to the house of worship, they were offered cathedrals, plus they recognized the authority in the papacy. In addition , the bishoprics had specific names and were highly territorial in which lands and boundaries were defined specifically and popular. During the 11th and 10th century East Europe had a significant change under the German born emperor Otto I. In respect to Bartlett, he established a series of bishoprics along his eastern and northern limitations (7). He conquered the pagan Slav territory and embarked on a mission to market Christianity in Denmark. Magdeburg became the center of the Ottonian conquests through the region following its status was elevated to archbishopric. Furthermore, German affected the release of a lot of bishoprics in Poland and Hungary. Relating to Bartlett, during this period numerous churches were established within a vast component to eastern and central The european countries (8). As a result, the development of the Latina Church advanced into Scandinavia. The number of bishoprics throughout Denmark's mainland and surrounding island destinations were drastically increased. According to Bartlett, during the...

Offered: Bartlett, Robert. The Producing of Europe. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1994


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