Anne Frank's Message of Accountability

After reading Bea Frank: The Diary of any Young Girl, I have been influenced by her courage, trust, and perseverance. Anne's ardent words motivate many as the best person they can be. Anne's positive prospect under superb duress is usually an example to any or all. Anne Frank's diary changes from the very tiring daily exercises to speaking about the horrors of what is taking place outside of the annex. It is her thoughtful occasions that reach out to me and challenge myself to make the globe a better place. Anne creates about all of the changes she starts seeing in herself. About Saturday, March 25, 1944, Anne wrote " You never understand how much you have changed right up until after it can happened. I've changed quite drastically, almost everything about myself is different: my opinions, tips, critical view. Inwardly, outwardly, nothing is similar. And, I would safely put, since It is valid, I have transformed for the better” (234). Here, Anne indicates that change can be quite a good thing. Automobile see change as a unfavorable, but Anne deals with it in a positive manner. Even though everything going on around her seems to be going downhill, Bea finds the courage to change herself for the best. Anne Frank was often accountable for their self and her actions. On Saturday, July 15, 1944, Anne stated " I have a great deal of self-knowledge. In anything I do, I could watch myself as if I were a stranger. I will stand across from the every day Anne and, without being prejudiced or making excuses, enjoy what the girl with doing, the two good and the bad. This self-awareness under no circumstances leaves me personally, and every time I open up my oral cavity, I think ‘you should have declared that differently' or ‘that is decent the way this is' (325). Anne Honest never made excuses or blamed others for her concerns or activities. She got responsibility for her faults and made a vow to change these people. Anne's asking yourself herself is known as a method of self-evaluation, which provides, once again, to make herself a better person. Bea Frank believed in...


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