Frederick Jackson Turner, The Significance from the Frontier in American Background

*-* Turner, " The presence of an area of totally free land, its continuous economic downturn, and the progress of American arrangement westward describe American creation. "

-The census of 1890 declared that the frontier line simply by 1880 was indiscernible. Turner considered that vital since the official American history up 2 time consisted of the colonization with the West& that it was this that explained American development. -The West required ppl to adapt themselves& 2 expanding each location out of its old fashioned economic/political circumstances. - It is isolation triggered the need of travel.

-The American frontier is usually distinct through the European frontier due two an abundance of free land. The isolation triggered the need of transport.

-Although the frontier forced ppl to modify (switch coming from railroad car to canoe) it still maintains frontier characteristics after getting settled. Thus, the frontier meant a stable movement away form the effect of European countries.

-The areas that had been resolved upon were a way to obtain political concern since it was surrounded by Indians.

-The frontier led to transact between Indians& whites. My spouse and i. e. astor's American Coat co. managed in the American indian trade.

-The need to broaden is inherent in People in the usa (Erie Canal, extension of cotton culture).

-California(gold rush) was a special frontier. Right now settlers needed means of interaction w/the East.

-Railroads (aided by land grants) increased the influx of migrants into the Far West.

-Natural boundary lines which damaged the characteristics from the frontiers. 1) " fall line" 2) Allegheny Mts. 3) Mississippi/Missouri (direction North& south) 4)99th meridian(arid lands) 5) Rocky mountains.

-Frontiers similar in several ways.. 1) Indian " problem" 2) each settlement of 1 frontier offered as a guideline for the next for example , the mining experience in Wisconsin was applied to the Sierras.

-Frontier differences: The...



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