An Analysis of the consequences of Battle in The Moon is definitely Down by John Steinbeck

An Analysis of the consequences of Battle in The Moon can be Down by John Steinbeck

The Ramifications of War

Thesis: The damaging effect of battle on the conquered and the conquerors of The Moon is Straight down, by John Steinbeck.

I. Lieutenant Tonder

A. Naive Poet

1. He experienced that the enemy should take pleasure in him.

a. ". he loses control and shows that the leader is definitely crazy, that the war won't end , and hysterically avows that the flies conquer the flypaper" (Clancy 104).

2. He's effected by the result of the townspeople.

a. "These people! These horrible persons! These cold

people! They never seem at you. They hardly ever speak. They

answer like dead males. They obey, these horrible persons.

And girls are frozen." (Steinbeck 71).

II. Colonel Lanser

A good. Soldier vs. human being

1. He was effected because all he performed was listen to

orders despite the fact that they were'nt the proper move to make.

a. "I am going to perform my orders regardless of what


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